Pavol Ganzarcik - Appraiser in the Agricultural Field

Pavol Ganzarcik
Appraiser in the Agricultural Field

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Pavol Ganzarcik, Appraiser in the Agricultural Field, Member of the Slovak Chamber of Appraisers

Since 1999 I have been active as an appraiser in the agricultural field focusing on crop and animal husbandry, both general and specialised. I am registered in the Appraisers Office of the SR Department of Justice under No. 910 856.

As a graduate of the Agricultural University in Nitra and after 30 years of field experience in the research and breeding division, afterwards, tutoring activities, and most importantly agricultural production, I am proud to offer you genuine top-quality services.

Pavol Ganzarcik

Animal Husbandry

  • Determining common (appraised market) animal and prime herd value
  • Calculating farm animal costs arisen from issued veterinary actions
  • Appraising and analysing influence of technological process violations

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Crop Husbandry

  • Determining common (appraised market) coppice value on soil
  • Calculating damaged soil costs (direct and indirect) on crops
  • Calculating amount of financial compensation for restrictions on regular soil farming activities

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  • Determining common (appraised market) soil value
  • Calculating of common land easement value
  • Calculating of common land tenancy value in particular region

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